Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 271

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 271 Just Call Him Tanny “That’s not what I meant.” Caleb was shocked. He often heard his
mentor talking about the weirdo Barney from the medical association. Obviously, he was well aware of
Barney’s abilities. “Let’s drop this matter. Your father could even threaten us with his life, so I don’t think
it matters if he’s back for Christmas or not.” There was no need to ruin everyone’s mood because of
him. “You should go first. I’ll call Sophie,” said Josiah. Sophie is a smart and observant girl. I bet she
knew what Caleb meant as soon as Caleb brought this up. Sophie was someone who couldn’t care
less about people who weren’t sincere toward her. Even if it were her own brother, she would do the
same. “Okay.” Caleb didn’t say anything else and went downstairs straight away.
&#lt;p&#gt;When Charmaine saw him come downstairs, she couldn’t help but sigh. “Caleb, you just got home, so
you should rest well. You don’t have to bother yourself with those matters.” Back then, when Caleb
wasn’t around, Charmaine saw Yale’s men take Josiah away and also saw the way Yale climbed
upstairs to threaten his family, saying that he’d jump off the building if they disagreed with him. Besides,
she also saw how he pathetically got down the stairs when his threat didn’t work. Caleb frowned.
“Mom, you’ve been married to Dad for so many years. Are you going to stay out of this, too?”
Charmaine was exasperated. “You know that I’ve never had the right to say anything in this household.
What do you expect me to say?” It was true that she couldn’t say anything regarding that matter. “You
guys should eat. I’m going to talk to Dad.” Caleb and Yale had always been close. Therefore, Caleb felt
bad about his father being out there all alone. “Caleb, I’ll go with you. I miss Dad too,” Willow said,
standing up immediately after hearing what Caleb said. “We’re going to start eating soon! Your grandpa
won’t be happy if all of you leave!” Charmaine was frustrated. What do I do with them? They’re really a
handful! “I don’t feel like eating, so I’ll pass. Let’s go, Willa.” He still had a few questions that he wanted
to ask his father in person. Charmaine’s expression soured when she saw Caleb and Willow leave the
dining hall. I should leave and go shopping too.
&#lt;p&#gt;Otherwise, Dad will get mad again when he comes downstairs and sees no one here. At that moment,
Josiah and Sophie had already gotten downstairs and saw that Charmaine was the only one in the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;dining hall. As expected, Josiah’s face darkened. However, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he walked
to his seat and sat down. “Let’s sit and eat!” Josiah said. He picked up his fork and was ready to dig in.
Sophie sat next to him and put some food on his plate. “Grandpa, this dish looks tasty. You should eat
more.” Sophie didn’t mind Caleb and Willow’s absence since she didn’t like them in the first place. The
food tastes better when they’re not around. Josiah put a big drumstick on Sophie’s plate. “Here. Eat
this.” Actually, Josiah also hoped they could celebrate Christmas as a family, but now it seemed it was
impossible. It’s better that Caleb doesn’t return! Now everyone’s unhappy. Charmaine was hesitant to
speak as she sat at the other side of the table. Facing such a situation at home, she had no idea what
else she could say. But we’re family. Do we really have to carry on like this?
&#lt;p&#gt;“Dad, why don’t we let Yale come back for Christmas? We’re family, aren’t we? We shouldn’t let things
go on like this.” No matter how terrible Yale was, he was still the head of the household. This family
isn’t whole when the head isn’t around. Josiah slammed his fork on the table. “What’s wrong with all of
you? Caleb doesn’t know what Yale did, but don’t you know? Why bother asking him to come back
when he’s done something as horrible as that?” Morgan quickly brought Josiah’s medicine over when
he saw how angry the old man had gotten. “Old Mr. Tanner, here. Take your meds. Calm down.” Sophie
took the medicine from Morgan and poured a glass of water for Josiah. The old man then swallowed
his pill. “Grandpa, don’t be mad. It’s not good for your health,” Sophie said exasperatedly. This mess is
so annoying. “Dad, I know you’re very angry about this matter, but if this goes on, the Tanner family will
be a joke in Jipsdale. I can’t even go out without feeling humiliated now because the public would
gossip about me whenever I’m out.” The room fell silent. Charmaine’s life only ended up that way
because she cared too much about what others said and did. “That’s it. I’m full.” It was as if Josiah
didn’t hear what Charmaine said.
&#lt;p&#gt;He got up and went upstairs. Sophie took his arm and ascended the stairs with him. With that, only
Charmaine was left in the dining room. Was I wrong? I have the family’s best interest at heart! Why
can’t anyone understand me? Once Sophie brought Josiah to his room to rest, she sat on his bed and
accompanied him. Josiah’s heart ached when he saw her like that. No one can understand her, right?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She’s still so young! But because of me, an old man who has a foot in the grave, she has to bear all of
this burden in the Tanner family! “I’m sorry, Sophie. It’s all my fault.” If he hadn’t insisted on asking her
to return, she didn’t need to bear all those. She held his hand. “I don’t mind it, Grandpa.” I really don’t
care what others say. “Why are you so tough when you’re still so young? It breaks my heart!” He was
truly heartbroken and felt bad for Sophie. “Grandpa, all that matters is that you’re okay. Leave the rest
to me, all right?” “Okay.” She’s just a minor. But how did she become so tough that even an old, dying
man like me can rely on her? “You should take a nap.
&#lt;p&#gt;I need to go to Transfix Cosmetics in the afternoon. Once I come home, I’ll bring you out for delicious
food, okay? Let’s not eat at home today.” “Okay. Remember to ask Mr. Tristan to join us. It’s been ages
since I last ate with him.” I guess Mr. Tristan’s the only person who can protect Sophie well. “Okay. I’ll
invite Tristan. Grandpa, don’t call him ‘Mr. Tristan’ anymore in the future. Just call him ‘Tanny.’” You’re
my grandpa, so you have the right to call him that. Josiah raised his eyebrows. “Does that mean you
like Tanny?” Sophie’s young, but it’s good that she can have someone to rely on. Sophie fell into deep
thought for a while because she didn’t expect Josiah to gossip. She then tilted her head and said, “I
can’t say for sure yet. That depends on his performance.” “Ah. That makes sense.
&#lt;p&#gt;Although Tanny is amazing, our Sophie isn’t someone who can be trifled with.” My granddaughter is the
most fantastic person in the world, so she deserves the best! “Grandpa, I have to go to Transfix
Cosmetics now.” “Okay. Go on. Be careful!” Sophie went straight to Transfix Cosmetics after she left
Josiah’s room.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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