Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 273

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 273 Who Is He “Ms. Sophie, will you be attending tomorrow night’s annual party?” They knew
Sophie had a busy schedule, so they had been afraid to tell her about it since they had no idea if she
would be attending it. “Tomorrow night?” “Yeah, tomorrow night. Everyone had been busy and working
hard for the whole year. We’ll be performing a little at the annual party tomorrow. You don’t have to
come if you’re tied up. I’ll make sure the event goes smoothly.” “I see!” I’m aware of tomorrow’s annual
party, but will everyone be able to enjoy themselves with me there? “You have to come, Ms. Sophie. To
be honest, we’re all hoping you would,” Wendy said after gathering her courage. They knew Sophie
only seemed cold on the outside, but she was actually a really nice person.
&#lt;p&#gt;Nonetheless, sometimes they still need to gather their courage to talk to her. “All right, send me the
address, and I’ll go tomorrow night.” I should attend since it’s a company event. “Really?” Wendy’s
heart leaped with joy. Sophie’s lips curved into a smile after seeing their excitement. Her smile stayed
on her lips until she got into Tristan’s car. “You seem very happy being with them.” Wilma is pretty good
at what she does. The team she leads is also united. “In truth, even if they’re all already in their
twenties, they’re still very innocent. Their happiness is so simple.” Personally, I like a simple life. Tristan
made a U-turn and said, “You’re making it seem as though your life has a lot of complications.” Isn’t
she the youngest? Why does she overthink so much? “Well, it’s not overly complicated but not
excessively simple either.” “All you have to do is stay happy and lead a simple life when you’re by my
side. Leave the rest to me.” “Thank you.” I know he means what he says.
&#lt;p&#gt;Tristan pulled into the Tanner residence’s driveway. They found Caleb and Willow watching television
on the couch the minute they entered the living room. It was Caleb’s first meeting with Tristan. This
man gives out a pressuring aura. Despite seeing Caleb and Willow sitting there, Sophie didn’t introduce
Tristan to either of them. She led Tristan up the stairs, straight to Josiah’s room. “Who is the guy with
Sophie? He doesn’t look like an average person.” Some people carry themselves like nobility. That’s
how that man carries himself. Jealousy gripped Willow at the mention of Tristan. “Tristan Lombard.”
Willow didn’t want to elaborate further since it would only serve as a reminder of her failure and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie’s success. Naturally, she didn’t want to talk much about it. “Who is he exactly?” Despite
spending most of his time at a research institute overseas, Caleb had still heard of the infamous Mr.
Tristan during his time there. However, he couldn’t believe that Tristan would end up with Sophie.
“Caleb, I suspect Sophie had drugged Mr. Tristan. How else would a man like him fall for a girl like
&#lt;p&#gt;Honestly, I don’t believe it. “So, he’s truly Mr. Tristan.” Even my tutors overseas knew not to mess with
Mr. Tristan of Jipsdale. Would Sophie slander Father for the Tanner family’s assets? It’s meager
compared to Tristan’s wealth. “Yeah, Sophie is really lucky. She can hook up with a man everywhere
she goes. She’s a born vixen, that girl.” Willow had never considered herself lesser than Sophie.
However, everyone around her was starting to treat her worse and Sophie better. That difference in
treatment was fueling her resentment toward Sophie. Caleb didn’t know how to comfort her. Willow has
always been the good and obedient one. Yet Grandpa’s favorite has always been Sophie. That’s an
undeniable fact. I noticed Mother’s attitude toward Willow has also changed. She isn’t as close to
Willow anymore. “Caleb, are you listening to me? Are you on Sophie’s side too?” Irritation filled Willow
at Caleb’s attitude. “Willow, Soph is your sister no matter what. You shouldn’t talk about her that way.”
So he’s also on her side? It looks like I’m all on my own in this house. “I’ll talk to Sophie about Dad’s
matter when I’m free. Don’t worry about it.” Caleb didn’t know what to do with the current Sophie. He
didn’t have a single clue about how to deal with the situation. Sophie and Tristan came down the stairs
with Josiah behind them. Seeing Josiah leaving with them, Caleb went up to him. “Are you going out in
such cold weather, Grandpa? It’s almost dinner time too. Mom already made dinner.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“What? Only you guys can go out, and I can’t? I want to have dinner outside today. What can you do
about it? Do you have a problem with that?” Josiah was still mad about Willow and Caleb leaving the
house without informing him earlier. Caleb brushed his nose with his finger, knowing he was in the
wrong. “We didn’t mean anything by it, Grandpa. We hadn’t seen Dad in a while and just wanted to visit
him. Don’t overthink things. We’re a family. Why can’t we discuss our problems nicely?” Josiah snorted
and didn’t answer Caleb’s question. “Let’s go. Aren’t we going out for dinner?” Sophie drew closer to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Josiah at his question. “Do you need me to go with you, Old Mr. Tanner?” The weather outside doesn’t
seem great. Nevertheless, I think it’s great that he’s going out for some fresh air to improve his mood.
“That’s fine. You must have been tired of taking care of me every day for the past few days. Have a
good rest tonight.” Josiah considered Morgan as a family member or close friend of his. “I don’t feel
tired taking care of you, Old Mr. Tanner.” I’m all alone now in this world. I would probably be living a
lonely life if it wasn’t for Old Mr. Tanner’s sentimentality. I’ll remember his kindness for the rest of my life
and promise to take good care of him no matter the cost. “Why don’t you come with us if you have
nothing going on, Morgan?” The more, the merrier. Moreover, Grandpa will have someone to talk to
with Morgan by his side. Josiah was happy with Sophie’s invitation. Sophie had always been respectful
of the household staff. More importantly, Josiah had never treated Morgan as a mere employee.
&#lt;p&#gt;They were like a family that had fought on a battlefield together. “I can go too?” Morgan looked at
Sophie with anticipation. “Sure you can.” They left the Tanner residence as a quartet. “Isn’t she good at
playing the nice guy? Did you see that, Caleb? Sophie excels at playing mind games. She knew
Grandpa cared for Morgan the most. That was why she invited him to dinner too. Have you ever seen
her invite any of the other household staff before?” “Willow, Morgan is someone important to Grandpa.
Grandpa has never treated him like a member of the household staff. Don’t think like that. Grandpa
won’t be happy if he hears you talking about Morgan like that.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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