Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 272

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 272 Not To Worry About Money The current Transfix Cosmetics was a stark contrast to the
previous one that had almost gone bankrupt. Whoever stepped into the headquarters would be
impressed with the confident smile on everyone’s face. Evidently, they were proud of Transfix
Cosmetics at the moment. No words could describe how touched Sophie was at that very moment. In
her eyes, everything was wonderful. On top of that, she was relatively satisfied with everyone’s current
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh! Ms. Sophie, you’re here.” Wendy dashed toward Sophie excitedly the moment she caught sight of
the latter. They had been busy as bees lately, especially Wilma, who focused on developing new
products. “Yeah! Where’s Ms. Lineker?” Sophie went straight to the point. Wendy is undoubtedly an
adorable young lady! “Ms. Lineker went to the Research and Development Department. Ms. Sophie,
how about you go back to your office first? I’ll ask her to come over and meet you now!” Wendy
presumed Sophie must be there for an urgent matter. “It’s all right. I’ll wait in her office. Just tell her to
come and meet me after she settles her matters.” Sophie turned her down nicely. After all, her matter
was not an urgent one. Thus, she did not mind waiting for Wilma to settle her matters first. “Okay.” With
that, Sophie headed straight to Wilma’s office. The latter’s secretary opened the door for her when she
saw her. “Ms. Sophie, please take a seat. I’ll make coffee for you now!” she greeted Sophie
courteously. I heard Ms. Sophie likes coffee.
&#lt;p&#gt;That’s why Ms. Lineker bought the premium coffee powder specifically for her. “It’s all right. Just carry
on with your current task, and don’t be bothered by me.” Sophie did not intend to trouble anyone.
“Sure, Ms. Sophie.” Nonetheless, Wilma’s secretary still served her a cup of coffee before she was
back to her work again. While seated in Wilma’s office, Sophie had nothing to do. She suddenly
recalled that Josiah requested to have a meal with Tristan and gave the latter a call at once. The phone
had barely rung three times before Tristan answered the call. “You miss me already?” In an instant, his
seductive voice sounded from the other end of the line. Sophie could not help rolling her eyes at his
sheer confidence. Hmph! I only gave him a call. What makes him think that I miss him? “My grandpa&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wishes to invite you for dinner tonight, so I’m checking if you are free. It’s all right if you’re busy. I can
just tell him.” Knowing that Tristan had a tight schedule, she tried to reassure him that it was fine if he
could not make it. “It’s not a problem,” Tristan gladly replied.
&#lt;p&#gt;If others intended to have a meal with him, he would reject them at once. However, since that particular
person was the one Sophie cared about the most, it would never be a problem for him, regardless of
how busy he was. “Really?” Sophie doubted if he was being truthful. “Of course. Why? Don’t you
believe my words?” Sophie was rendered speechless. “Despite how busy we are, we can’t skip meals.
Since I need to eat, I won’t have a problem accompanying Old Mr. Tanner for dinner.” Sophie replied
briefly with a hum. “Where are you now?” “Transfix Cosmetics.” “How about this? I’ll go over to fetch
you after you have settled your matter in Transfix Cosmetics. After that, we’ll go to fetch your grandpa
together.” “Sure.” After hanging up, Sophie fell into a trance as she stared at the phone screen.
Apparently, Tristan accommodates me a lot! As the thought occurred to her, her heart ached. Actually,
he doesn’t have to do so. It must be tiring for him to tolerate me all the time.
&#lt;p&#gt;The moment Wilma was back from the Research and Development Department, she caught sight of
Sophie sitting there, lost in her thought. Sophie is indeed a beautiful young lady. Even if she’s deep in
her thought like this, I can’t resist approaching her to find out what’s playing on her mind. Is something
bugging her? “Ms. Sophie.” Initially, Wilma did not think of breaking Sophie’s reverie too soon.
However, she still greeted the latter after a while. “Oh! You’re back. Have you settled your matters in
the Research and Development Department? Are there any problems?” “Ms. Sophie, you can rely on
me at work. There aren’t any problems, and I have sorted everything out.” Next, Wilma handed the
latest proposal to Sophie so she could browse through it. Sophie flipped through a few pages and was
utterly pleased with Wilma’s work. “You’ve done it well. I trust you very much. Otherwise, I wouldn’t
have put you in charge of Transfix Cosmetics.” “Thanks for trusting me. I promise to do my best.”
Undeniably, whoever works for Ms. Sophie doesn’t need to think much about other matters. As long as
a person is competent, they’ll have the opportunity to showcase their skills. In short, Wilma was
thankful to have met Sophie, who had a good eye for her talent and competence. Wilma was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;undoubtedly talented in cosmetics, and she only lacked an opportunity before that. “Well, as Christmas
is around the corner, I’m here today to wish everyone a happy holiday in advance. Can you help me
ask around if anyone plans to be back in their hometown for the coming holiday? For those who can’t
grab their bus tickets, ask them to travel by plane instead. I’ll sponsor their air tickets.” “Ms. Sophie…”
Wilma was stupefied.
&#lt;p&#gt;It never crossed her mind that Sophie would have such a mindset. After all, Ms. Sophie is barely
eighteen years old. By right, young ones like her won’t think much about going home for a holiday. I’m
impressed with her thoughtfulness for the employees of Transfix Cosmetics! “Wouldn’t everyone talk
about going home for a holiday whenever it’s Christmas?” In truth, Sophie was in the group chat for
Transfix Cosmetics’ employees. Thus, she came across them discussing their difficulty in buying bus
tickets online the day before. Many of them could not get any. “It’s true that they’re facing this problem.
However, the company has never done anything.” Not only Transfix Cosmetics but even those
employees from Tanner Group also did not have such a privilege. “Book air or train tickets for
everyone. Don’t worry about the money. I’ll pay for it.” Wilma’s eyes were red with tears when she
stepped out of her office. At the sight of her teary eyes, the others thought Sophie had reprimanded
her. “Ms. Lineker, don’t be upset. I reckon Ms. Sophie just has a higher expectation for you.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I agree with you. Ms. Sophie might look aloof, but she’s undoubtedly a nice person.” The other
employees hummed agreeably. Wilma was utterly pleased when they spoke up for Sophie. “Ms. Sophie
didn’t scold me. Oh, right! She asked everyone to book air or train tickets directly, and she’ll sponsor
everyone.” In an instant, the others were caught off guard and bereft of speech. “Really?” There’s no
discount on air tickets during the festive season! “Of course.” Right that instant, Sophie appeared with a
bag in her hand. “Ms. Sophie!” everyone greeted her in unison the moment they saw her. Sophie
walked toward them, flashing them a smile. “Everyone, I know you’ve put in a lot of effort lately. It’ll be
the year-end holiday soon. Hence, I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
in advance. Let’s continue to work hard next year.” The next moment, she whipped out the envelopes&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;containing monetary gifts and distributed them to everyone. “It’s just a small token of appreciation. I
hope all of you don’t mind.” Wilma was flabbergasted.
&#lt;p&#gt;In actuality, Sophie had already given them their year-end bonus. In fact, it was the biggest bonus they
had ever received from Transfix Cosmetics. Is she giving everyone monetary gifts too? The other
young ladies gazed at Sophie with reverence after receiving the monetary gifts from her. Ms. Sophie is
incredibly generous! In the meantime, Tristan had set off to fetch Sophie from Transfix Cosmetics after
settling his work matters. Coincidentally, he saw Sophie surrounded by a group of young ladies as she
stepped out of the building. Seeing that Sophie was well-liked by the employees, Tristan was delighted.
Ha! My Sophie is awesome! She can cope well with everything.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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