Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 276

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 276 Slap To His Face Jimmy was drenched in a cold sweat due to the agony after Sophie
booted his stomach. “Hurry up and let go of him. If you continue to behave this way, I will call the cops.”
Waylon was someone who picked on the weak and feared the strong. Therefore, he did not dare to do
anything foolish when he saw how formidable Sophie was. “Call the cops? Ha!” Sophie could not help
but sneer. “Sure! I’ll stay here and wait for you to call the cops.” Jimmy immediately felt anxious when
he heard about Waylon’s threat of summoning the police. “Let’s forget about this, Old Mr. Lacraft.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Waylon frowned. How can we let this slide when others are brazenly bullying us? “Jimmy, I want you to
ask for Mr. Tristan’s help at once. This time, we must show them the consequences.” Waylon felt
extremely embarrassed at that moment because he had praised and flaunted his grandson-in-law’s
capabilities. Yet, Jimmy’s response was no different from a slap to his face. Waylon was not one who
could endure such humiliation. “That’s right. Why don’t you call Mr. Tristan directly? I’ve never seen an
influential figure like him before, so I am yearning to meet with him,” Sophie said with a grin. Anyone
who knew Sophie would recognize the smile she wore at that instant would only be present when she
was at the peak of her anger. Jimmy took out his phone but did not dare to make the call. He was able
to become Waylon’s grandson-in-law because he had been faking himself as Tristan’s subordinate. If
they knew he was a fraud at that moment, putting aside Sophie and the others, Jimmy reckoned even
the Lacraft family would not let him off the hook. He had almost fallen for his own deceit, believing his
lies to be true after bluffing the others for so long. Nevertheless, something fake could never become a
reality. “What’s the matter? Do you not know his phone number?
&#lt;p&#gt;Should I give his contact details to you?” she mocked. “Missy, I think there has to be some sort of
misunderstanding. Why don’t you let go of me first? This is making me look bad.” “Misunderstanding?
What misunderstanding could there possibly be? Let me tell you. I despise you!” Sophie uttered
domineeringly. “You—” Jimmy was enraged. They are not afraid of Mr. Tristan at all. I don’t have any
tricks left up my sleeve. “Josiah, are you seeing this? Your granddaughter is behaving like a thug. She’ll
have a tough time finding a man who can accept her violent character. Hurry up and tell her to let&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Jimmy go!” Josiah smiled contemptuously. They are still unaware of their errors even up until now, yet
they dare to criticize Sophie in front of me. “This is Sophie’s personality, and I think she’s doing fine!”
&#lt;p&#gt;It is better for her to be like a thug than to let others bully her. Given a choice between intimidating
others or getting intimidated by others, I will gladly pick the former. “You…” Waylon was fuming. “Your
whole family is thug-like and incorrigible!” “Apologize. If you apologize now, I’ll forget this has ever
happened.” Sophie remained calm as always. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Waylon’s face turned grim when
he heard Jimmy apologizing as Sophie demanded. Is this the Jimmy I’ve been commending so much
just now? “You shouldn’t be apologizing to me!” She did not require his apology. Instead, he should be
apologizing to her grandpa. “Sir, I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Josiah was too lazy to be bothered by Jimmy
and was not at all concerned by a plaster saint like the latter.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Forget it. Let’s go,” Josiah said to Sophie. Only then did she let go of Jimmy. “You should steer clear of
members of the Tanner family from now on. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a sorrier state than today. Also,
Old Mr. Lacraft, I’m afraid your grandson-in-law is fooling you. He’s not Mr. Tristan’s subordinate.”
Waylon was stumped as he looked at Jimmy in disbelief. “What do you mean? Do you think Mr. Tristan
will let you off the hook by saying that?” Waylon had yet to wrap his mind around the whole situation.
“Explain it yourself.” Sophie glanced at Jimmy. He was caught in a dilemma, but under her piercing
gaze, he had no other choice but to give in. It seems like this is the end of my deceit. “Old Mr. Lacraft,
I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to lie to you, but I like Xena too much, which is why I…” Waylon almost
passed out while listening to Jimmy’s words. So, he’s really a fraud? I can’t believe he hoodwinked my
entire family. “You—” “Old Mr. Lacraft, I’m truly in love with Xena. You must give me a chance. Besides,
Xena is already pregnant with my child.” “You!” Waylon felt utterly ashamed at that instant. “Ha!” Josiah
could not resist his urge to sneer. “You’re right. I failed to educate my granddaughter. Waylon, you
certainly raised your granddaughter well.” His granddaughter became pregnant before getting married,
and with a con man, no less. Waylon felt his cheeks burn as he listened to Josiah’s sarcastic remark. In
place of the vainglory Waylon had before, right now, there was only shame. Waylon kicked Jimmy and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;fell backward onto the floor because of the recoil. At that moment, he appeared more pathetic than
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce you all. This is Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend. He is also the famous Mr.
Tristan you’ve been talking about earlier.” Before leaving, Morgan deliberately delivered a final blow to
Waylon and Jimmy’s already-crushed spirits. Both of them were dumbfounded and rendered
speechless. What? This man with an extraordinary presence is Mr. Tristan? “Let’s go, Old Mr. Tanner.”
Tristan walked over and supported Josiah. Tristan thought Waylon and Jimmy were looking sufficiently
miserable, so there was no need for him to take further action. Waylon and Jimmy watched Sophie and
the others leave without daring to make a sound. Is that person really Mr. Tristan? Why would Mr.
Tristan be with Sophie, a girl with such a terrible reputation? However, as none of them had ever seen
Tristan in person, they did not dare to contradict Morgan’s statement. “Waylon, we’ve got some things
to do, and since we’ve had our meal, we shall take our leave now.
&#lt;p&#gt;Also, this Jimmy is trying to pull a marriage scam. Report him to the police if you do not have a better
way of dealing with him.” Waylon could not make up his mind at that instant. Jimmy immediately
hugged Waylon’s thigh. “Old Mr. Lacraft, I’m genuinely in love with Xena. Since she’s already carrying
my child, please allow us to stay together!” Feeling embarrassed, Waylon booted the sham away. “Just
you wait, Jimmy. Let me tell you now. Your days ahead are going to be tough.” With that, Waylon fled
the scene as quickly as he could. Tristan led the others to his car and personally sent Josiah back.
Upon arriving at the Tanner residence, Tristan stayed for a while to chat with Josiah. “Tanny, don’t take
it to heart about what happened today.” Josiah was already used to the realistic society where toadying
to influential figures and bullying those who were vulnerable had become a norm. “Don’t worry, Old Mr.
Tanner. I will not allow anyone to harm Sophie.” “Okay.” All Josiah wanted was to receive reassurance
from Tristan. After exiting Josiah’s room, Tristan noticed Sophie waiting for him in the corridor. “May I
visit your room?” Although that was not his first time at the Tanner residence, he had never entered her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;room. “Sure.” Sophie was not hiding any secrets in her room, so she was not afraid of letting him in.
Nonetheless, it was never Tristan’s intention to discover her secrets.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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