Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 275

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 275 Sleepwalking “It’s just someone working for Mr. Tristan, so what’s there to brag about? If
you want to show off, you should be showing off Mr. Tristan himself!” Josiah retorted. Waylon barked
out a laugh in fury. “Josiah, who do you think Mr. Tristan is?” Right then, the future grandson-in-law that
Waylon had been going on about arrived. When he saw the group, he walked over. “Grandpa, what’s
wrong?” “It’s nothing. Josiah, I know that Tanner Group’s having a hard time right now.
&#lt;p&#gt;This is my future grandson-in-law. If there’s anything, you can ask him for help. I’m sure he’ll lend a
helping hand since we used to be comrades.” “Hello, I’m Jimmy Sivedull. Please feel free to come to
me if you need any help.” Meanwhile, when Morgan realized that Josiah had taken an unusually long
time for his trip to the restroom, he came out to look for him. It was then Morgan saw Waylon and the
others. “Old Mr. Tanner.” Morgan knew how hostile Josiah and Waylon were toward each other. Thus,
he immediately wondered if the group of people was cornering and bullying Josiah. “My, isn’t this
Morgan?” Waylon turned even haughtier upon seeing Morgan. Morgan ignored him. “Old Mr. Tanner,
let’s go back inside. Ms. Sophie and the others are still waiting for you.” He, too, felt that it was
pointless for Josiah to stoop to Waylon’s level. After all, they had always been people from two different
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie? Josiah, I have to comment on this. Your Sophie is infamous! I’m afraid a young lady like her
won’t be able to get a boyfriend. I have no idea how you educate your kids and grandkids. If you can’t
bring yourself to teach her a lesson, why don’t you send her to me? I’ll teach her a lesson for you.”
“That’s none of your concern. Mind your own business.” Annoyed, Josiah turned to leave again.
However, Jimmy blocked his way. “What do you mean? Old Mr. Lacraft is only doing this for your sake.
How can you be so ungrateful?” Right then, the other people stepped out of the room. When they saw
the two in a standoff, they all chose to take Waylon’s side. After all, Jimmy was one of Tristan’s men.
Anyone who was associated with Tristan would definitely be able to provide much help if any trouble
were to arise. “That’s enough, Josiah. Just apologize to Waylon.” “We all used to fight on the same
battlefield, so why must we be so aggressive toward each other?” Josiah was speechless. Did I do&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;anything wrong? Why should I apologize? “That’s right. As long as you apologize, I’ll pretend that
nothing happened today. However, don’t blame me for what happens next if you refuse to apologize,”
Jimmy uttered.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Forget it, Josiah. It’s pointless to get mad at them,” said one of the men who used to be on good terms
with Josiah. It was better to side with Jimmy, after all. Josiah could not help but laugh in response. He
never thought that he would feel how disappointing mankind could be at his age. “I won’t apologize. I’d
like to see how you’re going to destroy Tanner Group.” Right as he said that, Tristan and Sophie came
out of their room. The moment Sophie saw the crowd, her expression darkened. She then strode
toward Josiah and noticed the angry look he had. “What’s going on?” I thought he was only using the
&#lt;p&#gt;Why did he take such a long time? “It’s nothing. Let’s go,” Josiah said, not wanting Sophie to intervene
in the matter. “Oh? Isn’t that Sophie? You’re all grown up now. I thought you’d be too embarrassed to
come to Jipsdale,” Waylon said ruthlessly in a mean tone. “Waylon, I’m warning you now to mind your
words, or else I’m not going to hold back anymore.” Josiah could tolerate everything but people who
commented on his precious granddaughter. “How are you going to do that? Josiah, you shouldn’t bluff.
You should only say this if you have the ability to carry out your words. Otherwise, you’ll be a clown, got
it?” “You’re going too far, Waylon!” “So what if he is?” Jimmy immediately chimed in. “If you keep
spouting nonsense, I might as well make you disappear from Jipsdale.” By then, Sophie understood
what was going on. Clearly, the crowd was bullying her grandfather. “Make the Tanner family disappear
from Jipsdale? Bold words from you!” Sophie hissed. Jimmy chuckled. “What’s the matter? Do you not
believe me? I’ll give you one last chance to apologize, or else I’m going to resort to force,” Jimmy
uttered aggressively. “Have your mother never taught you how to act like a proper human being?” At
that moment, Sophie had finally been introduced to the world’s most shameless person. Upon hearing
her words, Jimmy raised his hand to hit Sophie.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Nevertheless, Sophie instantly kicked him to the ground, her move swift and without hesitation. The
people in the crowd used to be in the army, so they knew how terrifying her kick had been. “Soph, don’t
—” “Grandpa, we don’t bully others, but we can’t let others bully us either.” As she spoke, she stepped
on Jimmy’s stomach. “Say, who do you think should be apologizing right now?” We came out for a nice
meal, and Grandpa’s mood was already bad. He’s plain unlucky to have met this bunch of weirdoes
too! Sophie thought grumpily. Jimmy scowled when he realized a woman had kicked him to the ground.
Instantly, he tried to climb back up to his feet, but he could not struggle free from her. “For f*ck’s sake!
Let me go! Do you know who I am?” Jimmy cried out. “I don’t,” Sophie replied. Jimmy never thought
that Sophie would actually reply to him, and for a moment, he did not even know how he should answer
that. “I don’t know who you are, but you’re going to remember who I am. My name is Sophie Tanner.
Keep that in mind.” “You… I’m telling you now. I work for Mr. Tristan! He won’t let you off after what
you’ve done to me!” Sophie instinctively turned toward Tristan at that. He’s working for him? Really?
When did his standards hit rock bottom? When Tristan, who had been standing aside and waiting for
Sophie to be done with her angry outburst, heard that, he glanced at the man she was stepping on. He
had no recollection of the other man at all.
&#lt;p&#gt;Can random people do terrible things in my name nowadays? “Who did you say you work for again?”
Tristan asked. In a way, he was giving Jimmy one last chance. “I work for Mr. Tristan. Are you scared?
No one in Jipsdale dares to lay a finger on Mr. Tristan’s employee!” At that, an evil grin grew on
Tristan’s lips. “It sounds like Mr. Tristan’s quite the big shot.” “Of course. Hurry up and let go of me
before getting on your knees to apologize! If you kneel before me and say you’re sorry, I’ll overlook this
matter!” Jimmy boldly said. Sophie could not help but laugh at that. Then, she gave him another kick in
the stomach. “What’s the matter, boy? Are you still sleepwalking? Apologize to you? Do you think
you’re worthy of that?”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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