Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 287

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 287 Following Her “Grandpa, don’t worry. I’ll handle the situation,” Sophie said. This is
Jipsdale, not Anglandur, so Nicholas can’t do anything here. Once they were outside the living room,
Sophie crossed her arms before her chest, glaring at Nicholas. Nicholas was unfazed. “You’ve been
hiding for so many years, Sophie. Finally, I’ve found you.” Sophie was rendered speechless. Have I
been hiding? Did I need to? “Nicholas, I don’t care why you’re here, but I’m not going back with you. Go
back to where you came from, will you?” Sophie was unwelcoming. “I heard you have a boyfriend now.
Is that true?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Nicholas suddenly changed the topic. “What does that have to do with you?” Sophie replied
indifferently. Nicholas’ gaze darkened when he heard that. It seems like her grandpa was telling the
truth. “You’re mine, Sophie. Have you forgotten about that?” Nicholas was very adamant about Sophie
being his. No one can take her away from me. Sophie couldn’t help but chuckle coldly. “I’m yours?
Since when? Nicholas, have I not told you before that I’m mine alone? No one owns me.” Nicholas
smiled. “Well, I own you.” Sophie was lost for words in the face of his persistence. “All right. It’s been a
long time since we saw each other. Let’s have a meal together, shall we?” He had come straight to the
Tanner residence the moment he landed, so he hadn’t eaten anything yet. Sophie frowned and
answered, “I don’t have the appetite for that. Eat on your own! Since I was once your friend,
&#lt;p&#gt;I think I need to remind you about something. This is Jipsdale, not Anglandur. You better not act like
how you do in Anglandur.” “Are you worried about me? I think you are! You’re worried about me.”
Suddenly, Nicholas was over the moon. “I’m not worried about you; I just don’t want you to disturb my
life here. Nicholas, I’m warning you. Stay away from the people around me.” Nicholas acted like he
couldn’t care less. “Sophie, you should know that I’m in danger by being here, right?” “That’s your
problem. No one asked you to come here.” Jipsdale was Tristan’s territory, and Nicholas was a big shot
in Anglandur. There was no way peace could exist if these two men were in the same place. “Sophie,
how could you be so heartless? No matter what, we’ve been through thick and thin together. Since I’ve
come to your territory, don’t you think you should treat me to a meal?”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Before he came, he had already thought about all the ways he could use to bring her back. However,
he had decided not to use them when he saw her again. “Either way, I know where you live. If you don’t
go out for a meal with me, I’ll just eat at your place.” Sophie went silent. Is he threatening me? “Please
don’t see it as a threat. To be honest, I don’t like your sister,” he added. How dare she talk bad about
Sophie behind her back! “Are you done, Nicholas? Let’s just fight, shall we? If you lose, get your *ss
back to Anglandur.” Sophie wanted to settle the matter by using the quickest way possible. In
response, Nicholas smiled and answered, “Sophie, I didn’t risk my life and come all the way here to
fight you.” He couldn’t possibly tell her that he had come to kidnap her. “Then will you leave now?”
Sophie wasn’t afraid of a big shot from Anglandur. “If that’s what’s on your mind, perhaps I should just
cancel my hotel booking and stay at your house. I haven’t spent Christmas here in a long time, and I
miss it,” he said. Hearing that, Sophie ran out of patience and attacked him.
&#lt;p&#gt;Since he’s not listening to a word I’m saying, I’ll use violence. Nicholas just kept dodging her because
he wasn’t there to fight her. “All right, all right. I’ll go to my hotel so that you can calm down,” he said. I
think my sudden appearance caught her off guard! That’s okay. I can give her more time to slowly
accept my presence. I’m not going to give up on her, though. After watching Nicholas leave, Sophie felt
her mood worsen. He’s actually here in Jipsdale! All this while, I thought he would never dare to come
here. I never expected him to ignore all the risks and come here. What is he going to do this time
around to get me to give in? At this point, I have no idea what he’s incapable of doing. After going back
to her room, Sophie immediately gave Arius a call. “What is it?” Arius was half asleep when he
answered the phone as he had still been sleeping. “Nicholas is in Jipsdale.” “What?” At once, Arius
jolted awake. “Does that mean you’ve met him? Are you okay, Sophie?” Arius knew how despicable
Nicholas was, so he was worried about Sophie. “I’m fine.” Arius sighed and said, “I don’t know why
Nicholas is being so persistent.” Like Sophie, he didn’t think Nicholas would have the courage to go to
Jipsdale. Did he just ignore all the risks in his bid to see her? “F*ck! Nicholas is really a sick man!” Arius
wanted to go to Jipsdale as soon as he could. “I have an idea! Since I don’t have any missions these
days, I’ll head over to Jipsdale to help you. It’s always good to have one more person looking out for&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;you.” “That’s not necessary. This is just a small matter, so I don’t need you to come back for it.”
Besides, if they were to fight, Arius was no match for Nicholas. “Why did you call me, then? You’re just
making me worry about you, and you won’t even let me help you!” “I’m just informing you.” Sophie
wasn’t that confident in handling Nicholas. If he could achieve so much in Anglandur, I bet he’s not
easy to deal with. “Perhaps you should tell Tristan about this. I don’t think Nicholas would dare to do
anything if Tristan is involved.” That was the only plan Arius could think of. “There’s no need for that.”
“Why not? Don’t you like Tristan?” “There are some things I would rather keep from him.” “Sophie, it
might not be a good idea to keep this from him. What if he wants to know about it?” Arius asked. So, it
seems like Sophie has really fallen for Tristan. That’s why she’s being so cautious. “I’m not hiding it
from him. It’s just that he has nothing to do with what happened between Nicholas and me. Hence, I
shouldn’t drag him into it.” Arius kept mum for a while. I can’t believe a woman like her exists in this
world! Why doesn’t she just depend on her boyfriend? Isn’t that what he’s for? “All right. I’m ending the
call here.” “Hey!” Arius sighed in response. How could she do this? She woke me up in the middle of
the night but now won’t talk to me anymore. How am I supposed to sleep now? After leaving him with
that, Sophie hung up. That night, Tristan went to fetch Sophie because they were meeting a group of
people for dinner. After Tristan drove for around fifteen minutes, Sophie noticed that Nicholas was
following her.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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