Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 286

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 286 Nicholas Shows Up After Ysabelle left, it was also time for Sophie to leave. Nonetheless,
Tristan did not feel like letting her leave. “Let’s rest here for the afternoon. I’ll send you back after that.
I’m truly exhausted.” He reasoned to himself that it was for their safety as it would be dangerous to
drive while tired. “Mr. Tristan—” What’s gotten into him? Haven’t we been together the past few days?
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let’s just sleep for forty minutes, okay?” Although Sophie knew he harbored no other intentions, the
nonchalant manner in which he suggested they sleep together still made her feel embarrassed. “Is that
okay?” he asked again. Gosh! This is too much! When someone like him acts all cute, it’s impossible to
refuse him! “Oh, all right.” She could not help thinking that after Tristan appeared in her life, she had
forgotten all about her principles. He led Sophie into his bedroom, then embraced her as they lay in
bed. That time, Tristan was true to his word and did not try anything. All he did was take an afternoon
nap with her. While the pair were napping, Nicholas arrived at Jipsdale’s international airport dressed in
a smart suit. He had sneaked back on his own.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie Tanner, I’m going to bring you back with me this time,” he vowed. There’s only one purpose for
my trip here this time—to bring her back no matter what it takes. Sophie had just arrived at the Tanner
residence when Arius called her. “Sophie, you need to mentally prepare yourself.” “What’s going on?
You’re being so cryptic that I can’t make head or tail of what you’re saying.” I can’t read his mind, so
how would I know what he means when he suddenly says something like that? “It’s about Nicholas. Did
you know he’s missing?” “No, I didn’t.” As she spoke, she fiddled with the flowers in her hand. “I told
you already, didn’t I? His affairs have nothing to do with me.” Arius felt as though he was about to go
stark raving mad after hearing that. “Sophie Tanner, do you honestly think it has nothing to do with you?
I heard through the grapevine that he came back to look for you, so it’s highly likely that he’s in Jipsdale
at this very moment. Got it? Whatever it is, just stay home this Christmas, and don’t go running
around.” If she ends up getting dragged back there by Nicholas, she’s doomed. “D*mn it! He’s crazy. I
can’t believe he still hasn’t given up after so long!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;he muttered. Sophie did not say anything, though she sniped in her head, Are you only realizing now
that he’s crazy? “Forget it. You don’t have to worry about that,” said Sophie. So what if I bump into him?
This is Jipsdale, not Anglandur. What could he possibly do to me? Sophie continued arranging the
flowers, unfazed by the news. However, she did not expect to cross paths with Nicholas so soon, not
knowing that he had headed straight to the Tanner residence to look for her. Josiah gazed at the young
man in front of him with a look of intense scrutiny in his eyes. It’s the first time someone has come to
the house asking for Sophie, and I sense many things about this young man that begs careful
consideration. “What did you say your name was?” Josiah asked again to confirm.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Good day, Old Mr. Tanner. I’m Nicholas Sable,” Nicholas replied, behaving like a true gentleman in
front of the elderly man. “And what did you say your relationship with Sophie was?” “We’re dating. I
know you might not believe me, but everything I’ve said is the truth.” Morgan’s eyes widened. Ms.
Sophie’s boyfriend? “Young man, I don’t care what your motives are, but please put an end to what
you’re doing. My darling Sophie already has a boyfriend.” “What?” She has a boyfriend already? Why
don’t I know about that? Who is it? Who has the audacity to date her? “I said that Sophie has a
boyfriend. And just so you know, I approve of him. Regardless of your purpose for coming here, you
should leave now.” Josiah heartily approved of Tristan, not because of the latter’s status or identity, but
because of how Tristan truly cared for Sophie. After hearing that Sophie already had a boyfriend,
Nicholas could no longer control the anger within him. “Old Mr. Tanner, I think you’ve made a mistake.
I’m Sophie’s boyfriend.” Josiah frowned. Meanwhile, Willow was amused as she listened to the
conversation. “Do you see that, Grandpa? That shows your darling Sophie’s true colors. She has such
complicated relationships. How utterly humiliating,” she remarked mockingly. Sophie’s methods are
truly something else. When Nicholas heard Willow dare to mock Sophie before him, he shot her a
death stare. Willow dared not say anything else as Nicholas glowered at her. However, she was
thoroughly disgruntled. These people all have a screw loose! “That’s enough. You can go now.”
Nicholas did not look like someone one would want to cross, but Josiah still did not take a liking to him.
He has the air of a rogue. Nicholas’ expression darkened as it was the first time someone had dared to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;talk to him in that way. However, he suppressed his anger after recalling the purpose of his visit. “How
about this, Old Mr. Tanner? I won’t be so presumptuous as to ask you to believe me right now. Why
don’t you get Sophie to come down here? The truth will be revealed once she’s here, right?” “Young
man, even if you really are Sophie’s boyfriend, I won’t approve of it.” After a brief silence, Nicholas got
up from the couch abruptly. “Old Mr. Tanner, out of respect to you as an elder, I’ve spoken to you
patiently all this while. But if you continue acting like that, I’m afraid we’ll have reached an impasse,”
Nicholas said furiously. “So? What are you going to do about it?” Josiah retorted, his temper also
flaring. The tension between the two men thickened in the blink of an eye, and it seemed as though
they would get into a fight at any moment. Just then, Sophie came down the stairs. Her face fell when
she saw that Nicholas had actually shown up at her home. Josiah calmed down when he saw her
coming downstairs. “Go upstairs, Soph. No matter what happens, I’m here,” Josiah said bluntly.
Naturally, Nicholas had spotted Sophie too. He piped up immediately, “Sophie, I finally get to see you.”
He did not even realize how happy he looked after he saw her. Since Nicholas had already appeared at
her doorstep, there was no way Sophie could pretend she had not seen anything. “Let’s go. Whatever it
is you’re here for, we can talk outside,” said Sophie. After all, this is my family’s house. The way we
tackle our issues is quite terrifying, so my family members may find it a little hard to swallow. However,
Nicholas refused to leave. “No matter what, I came all the way from Anglandur to Jipsdale to look for
you. Hence, I want to stay at your house for a few days,” he insisted shamelessly. “Soph, who on earth
is he?” Josiah demanded. He thoroughly disliked Nicholas. “Nobody important, Grandpa. You don’t
have to worry.” With that, Sophie walked out while dragging Nicholas behind her. “What are you doing,
Sophie?” Why is she dragging me out? That’s not cool at all! She silenced him with a glare. “Soph…”
Despite Sophie’s reassurances, Josiah was still fraught with worry.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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