Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 288

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 288 Nicholas And His Threats When he realized that Sophie had spotted him, he texted: Is
that man your boyfriend? Sophie clenched her fists when she saw the text. Tristan noticed the change
in her mood. “What’s wrong?” he asked caringly. “Nothing.” Sophie then texted back: It’s none of your
concern. You better stop following me. In response, Nicholas texted back an unfathomable smiling
emoji. “What is it?” Tristan noticed how absent-minded she was. “I’m fine.” Upon arriving at Blossom
Garden, Sophie received another text from Nicholas saying: No wonder you refused to eat with me.
You’re eating with someone else! Sophie, I’m not happy about this. “F*ck!” Sophie cursed. She couldn’t
keep control of her emotions anymore. “What’s wrong?” Tristan had never seen her so angry before.
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie took a deep breath and answered, “I’m all right.” Nicholas was just as capable as Tristan. If they
were to get into a fight in Jipsdale, the consequences would be dire. “Are you sure?” Tristan asked.
How is she all right? She’s obviously infuriated. “I said I’m fine.” Tristan brought Sophie to a private
room. That day, Sarah was there as well. She looked a lot better than before, her complexion radiant
and glowing. “Sit here, Sophie! I need to ask you something,” Sarah said when Tristan and Sophie
walked in. Sophie went to sit next to her. “I like the perfume you gave me last time. Where did you buy
it? Mine is finishing, so I want to buy another bottle of it,” Sarah uttered. “I’ll give you a bottle of it in a
couple of days,” Sophie answered. “How much is one?” Sarah asked. Since it’s so good, it has to be
expensive. Sophie is still in her senior year. I can’t burden her financially. “Sarah, a friend of mine made
it, so it’s free,” Sophie uttered. It’s not like it can be bought in the market either.
&#lt;p&#gt;Arius specially made that for me. “Oh, I see!” Sarah was interested in that friend of hers. “Who is it?
Will you introduce me to your friend? I would like to meet him.” “Sure!” However, it was very unlikely
because Arius was seldom back. Right then, Sophie received another text. It read: Sophie, I don’t want
to eat on my own. I’m in the private room next to yours. Come over! Sophie was rendered speechless. I
think I’m going to kill someone today. Standing up, she said, “I’m sorry. I need to go to the restroom.”
“Are you okay? I’ll go with you.” Ysabelle stood up as well. “That’s unnecessary. You stay here and chat
with the others. I’ll be back in a while.” With that, Sophie left the private room. “What’s with Sophie&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;today?” Felix noticed that Sophie had been acting weird as well. “I don’t know,” Tristan answered.
“That’s not right, Tristan. How could you not know? Sophie is your girlfriend!” Sarah wasn’t happy with
Tristan’s answer. “Sarah, you can’t say that. When Mr. Tristan is with Sophie, he’s practically useless. If
Sophie doesn’t want to tell him something, there’s nothing he can do about it,”
&#lt;p&#gt;Felix uttered. “Felix, do you think it’s appropriate to talk about Uncle Tristan that way?” Ysabelle asked.
Meanwhile, Sophie had arrived in the private room next door. Although he was alone, Nicholas had
ordered a lot of dishes. As he was sitting at the head of the table, he smiled when he saw Sophie
walking in. “That’s more like it! I’ve come all the way to Jipsdale, so I think it’s only fair that you have
dinner with me.” Sophie narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. “Nicholas, I’ve warned you, haven’t
I?” They weren’t standing in each other’s way before this, but he had really angered her this time
around. Nicholas poured a glass of wine for himself and said, “Sophie, you’re the one acting out of line.
Have I asked for anything unreasonable? I’ve merely asked you to have a meal with me. Must you act
this way?” “Ha!” Sophie was both amused and enraged. “Don’t be angry, okay? I don’t like you angry,”
he said. “Nicholas, I really think there’s something wrong with you.” Sophie didn’t want to spend
another second in there, so she turned around to leave. Right then, Nicholas said, “Sophie, if you
leave, I’m going over. I don’t care if that man is Tristan. It’s hard to say who would emerge victorious,
isn’t it?” Indeed, he had already found out about Tristan. Sophie sat opposite Nicholas and slammed
her hands on the table. Nicholas was enraged when he saw that. “Do you really like Tristan?” Tristan
sounded dangerous and angry. “I do.” Nicholas was slightly stunned because he didn’t expect her to
give him such a direct answer. At that moment, he was even at a loss for words. “Nicholas, I don’t care
how you feel about me now. I already have someone I like, so stop pestering me.” All along, Sophie
either liked or disliked someone. There was no in-between. Infuriated, Nicholas clenched his hands into
fists. At the same time, he was trying with all his might to control his emotions. Otherwise, he would
really destroy everything in sight. “It’s okay. If you come with me, you’ll forget about him.” Nicholas was
determined to do everything in his power to make Sophie forget about Tristan. Upon hearing that,
Sophie frowned. This guy is so stubborn it’s borderline obsessive. Nothing I say will work. “Go back to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Anglandur, Nicholas! If Tristan knows you’re here, he’s not going to let you off,” she said. “Oh? Is that
so? Do you think I’m going to let him off?” Nicholas was having a terrible headache. I’m going to
destroy everything! “Ha! Touch him, then. I dare you.” Sophie wasn’t going to let anyone harm the
people around her. A stinging pain spread out from Nicholas’ heart, and he found it hard to breathe. “If
you had to choose between me and him, who would you choose?” Nicholas was still not giving up. As
far as he was concerned, Sophie had always been his and his only. Then one day, she was gone. After
losing what was his for a long time, he finally found her again. Before he could feel happy about it, she
told him that she was no longer his. He just couldn’t accept that. “Why has Sophie been gone for so
long? Could it be that something has happened to her?” Seeing that Sophie had been away for quite a
while, Sarah was getting worried. “Sarah, this is not Sophie’s first visit to Blossom Garden. Nothing’s
going to happen to her.” “Tristan, check on her, will you? What if something bad has happened to her?”
Sarah asked. She can’t possibly spend so much time in the restroom! “Okay. I’ll go and check on her.”
Tristan obliged obediently.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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