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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 295
&#lt;p&#gt;Visiting The Grave On their way to the cemetery, there was barely a soul to be seen, for it was rare for
people to pay their respects on Christmas day. By the time Tristan’s group arrived, Yale and the others
were already there. At the sight of Tristan’s car, Yale hurried forward to open the door and help Josiah
out. Given that it was still cold in Jipsdale, Sophie quickly alighted and wrapped a scarf around Josiah’s
neck. With the help of his walking stick, Josiah walked toward Mary’s grave step by step. Sophie
followed him from behind with a bouquet of lilies in her hands. Once he reached Mary’s tombstone,
Josiah’s eyes began to redden. Tristan, too, came up from behind to stay with Josiah and Sophie. In
the meantime, Yale and Caleb began to clear the weeds around the grave, while Charmaine and
Willow dusted its surroundings. After everything was done, Josiah said a prayer.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mary, it’s been a while since I last came to see you. Please don’t blame me for it. Not taking good care
of you is the biggest regret of my life. “Perhaps we’ll have better luck in our next life. Previously, I never
believed in such a thing. But now, I do hope that it’s true, for I’ll be able to see you again. When the
time comes, you’re not allowed to avoid me, all right? I’ll come and ask for your hand again with a big
bouquet of lilies. In our next life, I’ll definitely try my best to be more romantic.” Morgan handed Josiah
a tissue. “What’s that for? I’m not crying. Besides, I don’t think I have much time left, so I’ll probably be
seeing her soon.” Morgan—who had served Josiah for many years—naturally knew how intense the
latter’s relationship had been with Mary. “Mmm-hmm, soon. We’re both old now,”
&#lt;p&#gt;Morgan lamented. Meanwhile, Tristan was particularly touched by Josiah’s words. No one really knew if
there was still life after death. Therefore, he resolved to treasure and never let go of the girl he loved.
With Tristan holding her hand, Sophie could feel the warmth he exuded. In that instant, she felt blessed
to have him by her side. After finishing his soliloquy, Josiah began to tire. Hence, Morgan helped him to
the graves of his former comrades to clear them up. All of a sudden, Tristan released Sophie’s hand
and bowed in front of Mary’s tombstone. “Old Mrs. Tanner, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Tristan&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Lombard, and you can rest assured that I’ll be taking care of Sophie and Old Mr. Tanner going forward.”
Tristan’s sudden gesture caused Sophie’s heart to skip a beat. After baring his soul to Mary, Tristan
returned to Sophie’s side. “Do you still want to stay with Old Mrs. Tanner a little longer?” As everyone
else had returned to the car, Tristan and Sophie were the only ones left. Also, the weather was freezing
cold since they were on top of a hill. “I’m done. Let’s go home.” As Josiah had already been out a while,
it was time for them to go home.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Okay.” With that, Tristan held her hand as they walked down side by side. When they finally got back
to the car, Josiah—just as expected—was already waiting inside. On the way home, the latter remained
silent throughout the journey. When they reached the Tanner residence, Sophie and Tristan helped
Josiah back to his bedroom. “Grandpa, you should take a nap. I’ll get Morgan to wake you later.” “All
right. Now, shoo! You youngsters should go out on your date. There’s no need to waste your time on
me.” “Grandpa…” “Go on then. I’m tired and want to get some rest.” Every time they came back from
visiting Mary’s grave, Josiah would behave that way. After coming out of Josiah’s room, Sophie led
Tristan downstairs. Yale—at the sight of Tristan—suggested in an obsequious tone, “Mr. Tristan, why
don’t you stay for a meal? The food is ready to be served.” “I’ll pass.” Having no intention of staying for
food, Tristan walked out together with Sophie.
&#lt;p&#gt;Even though the snub had left Yale feeling particularly uncomfortable, he naturally didn’t dare complain
as he was fearful of Tristan. Caleb, after observing his father’s behavior, naturally knew that Tristan
wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Within the Tanner family, Tristan seemed to only respect Sophie and
Josiah. As for the others, they were like nobodies to him. Therefore, faced with Tristan’s attitude, he
had no idea how to solicit the former’s help. To be honest, this is going to be tough. “Dad, it’s all right.
Mr. Tristan is busy and doesn’t have time to eat in our home,” Caleb consoled his father, who snorted in
response. “Forget it. Big shots like him won’t bother with common folk like us.” Despite that, I’m still
Sophie’s father! How dare he not show me any respect? Meanwhile, Sophie had walked Tristan back to
his car. “Isn’t the physics competition starting soon? When are you leaving?” He remembered that the
competition was after the holidays. “We’ll be leaving in two days.” After the holidays, they had to attend&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;training. Since the physics competition was conducted at the national level, Aaron insisted on the
training out of his concern for them.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Will Bailey be there?” “Yeah.” “Oh.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” I’m only going to participate in a
physics competition, so what’s with that look on his face? “Nothing. It’s just that I can’t go together with
you.” He was tied down by a huge project on hand. “It’s only for one week. There’s no need for you to
be by my side.” What does she mean by “it’s only one week?” Doesn’t she know that it feels like an
eternity? “Would things have been better if I were your age?” That way, he could do many things
together with her. Sophie gave him a dubious look. “Mr. Tristan, what are you saying? You’re not old.
Besides, I like men who are a little older than I am.” “Really?” Fine! As long as she likes it, I don’t mind
being older at all. “Yup.” Faced with his delighted expression, Sophie couldn’t bring herself to refute her
words. After she gave him a nod, Tristan wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her forehead a
peck. “All right, go back in now.” “Okay. You be careful on your way home.” Tristan made sure Sophie
had gone back in before getting into his car and driving off. Back at home, he was greeted by the sight
of Ysabelle watching TV with William, which was a rare occasion as she seldom watched war films with
the latter. “Uncle Tristan, you’re home!” Noticing that it was already five thirty, Ysabelle was filled with
excitement. “Mmm-hmm.” Tristan gave her a cursory response. Just as he prepared to head upstairs,
Ysabelle quickly caught up with him. “Uncle Tristan, did you go and see Sophie? Why didn’t you invite
me along?”
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