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Anything For Her Chapter 294

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 294
&#lt;p&#gt;An Unforgettable Love “Dad, I’m your precious little girl. I’ll definitely not lie to you.” Sarah was solidly
behind Tristan and Sophie, for she had taken a particular liking to the latter. “Precious little girl? I’m
surprised you’re not embarrassed to say something like that now. All this while, you keep turning down
my suggestions to get married. Why? Do you plan to wait for that Quigley kid for the rest of your life?”
She’s no longer young. After a few more years, she’ll be past the ideal childbearing age.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Dad, enough talk. I’m going out for my morning jog.” In no mood to discuss the matter, Sarah swiftly
slipped away. The moment she left, Ysabelle came by. “Good morning, Grandpa!” “Ysabelle, you’re
awake! Since it’s rare for you to have a holiday, why don’t you sleep in?” Ysabelle was William’s
favorite at home. She walked up to William and gave his shoulders a massage. “I’ve had enough sleep.
Grandpa, are you going to your old comrade’s house later? I want to go out too; it’s just that Dad…”
Ysabelle put on a pitiful expression. “Ysabelle, let me tell you, you’re free to go anywhere you want for
Christmas. Ignore your dad. Let me know if he dares to reprimand you, and I’ll give him a piece of my
mind.” In that house, he was the head of the family. Ysabelle gave William a peck on the cheek at
once. “Grandpa, you’re the best!” William’s heart melted when the cute Ysabelle put on an adorable
expression on purpose. Consequently, he was willing to do anything for her at that moment.
&#lt;p&#gt;Meanwhile, Tristan had arrived at the entrance to Sophie’s home. It wasn’t until he noticed that it was
only slightly past nine that he realized how anxious he was. He then retrieved his phone and gave
Sophie a call. Sophie was in the midst of adding a firewall to the Wings of Light when she answered his
call. After putting him on speaker, she placed her phone on her desk while continuing with her work.
“Good morning.” “I’m at your door.” “What?” Sophie’s hand froze as she was taken by surprise. Hence,
she quickly wrapped up her work and walked to the full-length window with her phone in hand. Upon
glancing outside, she saw Tristan’s car there. “Mr. Tristan, what are you doing?” Why is he here on&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Christmas Day? “Are you going to come out, or am I to go in?” Sophie was lost for words. He’s not
giving me any choice in the matter at all! “Wait right there. I’ll get changed.”
&#lt;p&#gt;No sooner had Sophie ended the call than she put on a different set of clothes and headed out. The
moment she stepped out the door, she was greeted by the sight of the casually dressed Tristan. He
was in a white sweater and a black double-breasted coat. His dapper appearance made him look like a
model straight out of the cover of a fashion magazine. When she laid eyes on him, Sophie suddenly
began to miss him. Upon her approach, Tristan, too, walked up to her before wrapping his hands
around her waist. “Sophie, I missed you.” The speechless Sophie felt as if she would melt from his
teasing. As he finished speaking, Tristan gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Didn’t your dad ask you to
keep him company at home?” “I prefer to be by your side today. So, do you have anything planned?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I do!” She did indeed have something to do. “Today, we’ll be going to visit my deceased Grandma.”
Given that Sophie’s grandparents had enjoyed a close relationship, her grandfather would visit her
grandmother’s grave every Christmas Day. “I see. Can I go with you?” Sophie knitted her brows. “Why
do you want to go? Besides, in what capacity are you going to go in?” It’s too early for this! “Isn’t going
as your boyfriend enough?” “Mr. Tristan, I don’t remember ever agreeing to be your girlfriend. After all,
given my age, it’s still too early to discuss such matters. Considering the amount of uncertainty
surrounding their situation, she wasn’t able to give him an answer yet.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie, I don’t deny that you’re still young, but unlike you, I don’t have that luxury. Having said that,
I’m still willing to wait till you agree to marry me when you’re older. Despite the unpredictable future, I
have already decided that I’m yours for eternity.” Sophie was naturally spoilt for choice, but Tristan
would ensure he ended up being her only choice. Consequently, Sophie’s heart throbbed at his words.
What was going through his mind when he said those words? Am I being too unreasonable?
“Therefore, take me with you!” “Fine, come along then.” Sophie relented, for the expression on his face
had unwittingly melted her resolve away. “Does that mean you agree to be my girlfriend?” Tristan
pressed his luck. “Let me think about it.” “Sophie, haven’t you considered it long enough?” “What’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wrong? Are you growing impatient? If you can’t wait, we’ll just forget about it and remain friends.”
“D*mn it, I don’t want to be your friend!” Tristan grabbed her by the waist and gave her a passionate
&#lt;p&#gt;He needed to remind her that he wanted to be her man instead of her friend. Just when both of them
were sharing an amorous kiss, Morgan appeared at the door at Josiah’s instruction. However, greeted
by the sight of the two lovebirds, he couldn’t help but blush. “Ms. Sophie, Old Mr. Tanner wants to see
you,” Morgan informed. The sound of Morgan’s voice caused Sophie’s blush to intensify. “Okay.” A
minute later, Sophie turned around and calmly led Tristan inside. Tristan’s arrival naturally delighted
Josiah. “Tanny, it’s great that you’re here! We were just about to pay our respects to Sophie’s
grandmother. Why don’t you come along?” Since Josiah had already accepted Tristan, he hoped to
introduce the latter to his late wife, Mary. “Sure, Old Mr. Tanner.” Considering how docile Tristan was in
front of Josiah, it was hard for Caleb to equate what he saw with Tristan’s image as one of Jipsdale’s
most powerful men. Once everyone was done with breakfast, they went to the public cemetery in two
cars. Josiah and Morgan rode in Tristan’s car with the latter driving them personally. Along the way,
Tristan even stopped at a florist. “What kind of flowers does Old Mrs. Tanner like?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Usually, people would buy roses for visits to the grave, but Tristan wanted to buy something Mary liked.
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