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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 293 Going To See My Girlfriend “Whatever it is, please go out first. I’m on the phone right
now,” Tristan replied with an irritated tone. “On the phone? With who? Your girlfriend?” Otherwise, why
wouldn’t he want me to know? “Just go out first.” When he saw the fuming look on his son’s face,
William had no choice but to leave. It wasn’t until he was certain William was gone that Tristan picked
up his phone again. “Was that your dad? Mr. Tristan, I don’t hold a grudge against Winter, so you don’t
have to do this for me.” Sophie had overheard his conversation with William.
&#lt;p&#gt;Tristan frowned at her words. “You don’t have to bother with this matter. Besides, I’ve already shown
her mercy on Charles’ account.” If it hadn’t been for Charles, the consequences would have been much
worse. “All right now, I’ve got to go back downstairs. Mark is still there.” Since it’s Mark’s first time here,
it would be rude to leave him alone. “What? Mark’s at your house?” “Mmm-hmm.” “Sophie, aren’t you
playing favorites? How can you invite Mark over for Christmas and not me?” Sophie was speechless.
“He was alone in the mansion, hence the invitation for him to come over for Christmas dinner,” Sophie
&#lt;p&#gt;“Fine.” Tristan was still upset by the news. After ending the call, Sophie went downstairs to spend time
with Josiah. “Soph, look, this sketch is really entertaining.” “It is.” Josiah enjoyed watching sketches
and poem recitations. Even though the standard of recent programs had deteriorated, his enthusiasm
hadn’t diminished one bit. When it was close to midnight, Mark finally got to his feet. “Mark, since it’s
already so late, why don’t you stay the night?” Josiah suggested. “It’s fine, Old Mr. Tanner. I should be
going home now.” Mark didn’t want to impose on them any further. “Grandpa, I’ll walk him out. You
should hurry up and get some rest as it’s already late.” He shouldn’t neglect his health just because it’s
Christmas. “Fine, I’m going to bed.” At that hour, Sophie was the only one who remained by his side.
Everyone else had made an excuse and left after watching the program briefly. Evidently, actions
spoke louder than words. The moment they stepped out the door, Mark stopped in his tracks. Even
though it hadn’t snowed in Jipsdale over the last few days, the weather was still freezing cold.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“All right, you should hurry back in. It’s too cold outside.” Sophie only had a red sweater on, which
wasn’t enough. “Okay. Be careful when you go home.” “I will.” Mark’s heart warmed at her concern.
When Sophie returned to the living room after sending Mark off, Josiah was still watching TV there.
“Grandpa, why are you being so stubborn? Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” “Just five more minutes.
My favorite sketch actor is on now.” Josiah refused to go to sleep. Faced with his obstinance, the
helpless Sophie ended up watching the show together with him. Once the sketch was over, it was time
for the poem recitation. Josiah asked in a pitiful tone, “Sophie, I’m your grandfather. How can you treat
me like that?” “Grandpa, what did I do to you?” “Can I then watch for five more minutes?” Josiah added
with a smile, “Even if I go to bed now, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.
&#lt;p&#gt;Thus, it’s futile for you to insist.” Even though Sophie didn’t say another word, her expression was
enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. “Fine. I’ll stop watching and go to bed. Are you
satisfied?” Josiah had no choice but to give in. Watching the exchange, Morgan couldn’t help but smile.
In this whole wide world, only Ms. Sophie is capable of ordering Old Mr. Tanner around. While Morgan
helped Josiah up the stairs, Sophie cleared the mess in the living room before heading up herself. By
then, it was already past midnight. She gave her social media a quick surf before lying down to go to
bed. Suddenly, her phone lit up. It was Tristan calling again on video. Even though the room light was
off, Sophie still answered it. “Why are you still up at this hour?” “I was just about to sleep and wanted to
call you before that.” Christmas, to Tristan, was a boring affair where everyone simply ate and drank.
“In that case, I’ll hang up now.” Sophie was truly exhausted. “Mmm-hmm, good night.” The purpose of
his call was just to bid her good night. “Good night.” Despite the simplicity of the greeting, it was
enough for Sophie to feel her cheeks burn. The next morning, by the time Tristan woke up, William was
already practicing yoga. “Youngsters like you are just too much.
&#lt;p&#gt;Don’t you realize how late it is?” William grumbled at Tristan, who proceeded to take a simple
breakfast. “Dad, I’m busy in the afternoon, so I won’t be back for lunch.” Stumped by the comment,
William threw him a glance. “It’s Christmas now. What is there to do? Don’t tell me that the employees
of Lombard Group don’t get a break?” “It’s personal. You don’t have to worry about it.” “Personal? For&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;someone who doesn’t even have a girlfriend, what can it be?” The mere mention of a girlfriend
frustrated William. “Tristan, you’re getting older now. Don’t be like Sarah. It’s time for you to get
&#lt;p&#gt;These kids never fail to make me worry about them. “That’s enough. You don’t have to concern
yourself with me. When it’s time to get married, I definitely will.” “You don’t want me to interfere, and
yet, you only give me more cause to worry. At this rate, who’s going to marry you?” All he does every
day is work. “Tristan, let me tell you, don’t just engross yourself in work. When it’s time for a
relationship, you need to take time out for it, do you understand? Winter seems like a good girl to me. I
really don’t know what’s wrong with you to reject someone like her.”
&#lt;p&#gt;It’s one thing to not be interested, but why did he have to send her to Alendor? “Stop! Don’t bring up
that person in front of me. She has to stay in Alendor for the next ten years.” I don’t mind forgiving her
for offending me. Too bad for her, she had the audacity to attack Sophie. Therefore, I would have failed
Sophie if I didn’t exile her to Alendor for ten years. After Tristan had left, William—who was done with
his yoga session—was resting on a rattan chair. By then, Sarah had woken up. “Good morning, Dad!”
“Sarah, does Tristan really not have a girlfriend? Other than seeing a girl, why would he need to be out
on Christmas Day?” The more William thought about it, the more puzzled he became. Sarah couldn’t
help but laugh when she saw the look on his face.
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